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We strongly believe that the beauty of Dubbing lies in the minute details, such as apt translation, lip synchronization and expressions in audio. We carefully analyze the script, including sentiments, to identify perfect voice over artists to match dubbing.

Our translations are done by some of the best professionals translators in the country, who are guided throughout the process. This helps them capture the essence of each scene while they’re translating.

Over the years, we have successfully dubbed educational videos, dramas, documentaries and cartoons in regional languages including Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto and Balochi.

Our Services

Creative Concepts
Radio Spot
Music Production

Creative Concepts

Radio Spot


Voice over


Documentary Music

Making of Audio Books

Interactive Voice Response (I.V.R)

Re-production of Sound Effects

O.S.T / Title Music

TVC Music

Music Production

Need a Quality Sound?

We deliver the very best service and amenities signed artists and independent musicians.


Recording Studios

The Dubbing Company  Production is a 1800 square foot facility with 2 control rooms & 1 live room, with professionally designed and built acoustic treatment

Sound Design

Whether it is post production for music track or film that needs a bigger sound, we can help you bring it to reality.

Jingles & Commercials

Custome made melody composition, arranging, session playing, producing.

Voice Over

Choose between more than 50 multilingual professional voice over artist.


Having vast experience and technical knowledge of Interactive Voice Response recording to provide optimized “ready-to-use” audio files for exceptionally smooth playback over any phone system whether its a hardware PBX, VOIP or Virtual PBX.

OST / Title Music

Title composition, arranging, session playing, producing.

Architectural Walkthrough Music

We create custom made music for your Architectural Animations because we believe that music can make any presentation exciting.

Our Equipment

We believe that having and offering the best equipment is critical at  The Dubbing Company Production Recording Studio.



Genelec 1030a
Adams a7x

Yamaha NS-10M
Yamaha NS-10M Pro


ART Pro Channel – Tube Preamp,
DBX 586 Tube Preamp

Furman PL-Plus C Power Conditioner
Ultrapatch Pro PX1000


Allen & Heath ZED R16 Firewire

16 channel strips, Control surface
16 simultaneous input


Neumann TLM-193
AKG Percepetion 200
Shure SM 58
Shure SM 57

CAD Premium KBM 414
CAD Premium TSM 411
CAD Premium TSM 411


Allen & Heath ZED R16 Firewire

MOTU FastLane USB Midi
M-Audio Fast Track Pro 4×4
M-Audio M-Track 2×2


AKG K-44
AKG K-66


Korg Triton Workstation Sampler
Yamaha V50


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